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About Us

Midas Stone is one of the most professional stone suppliers in China. We have many years experience in stone industry. At the beginning, we only do the manufacturer, but now we also do export by ourself in order to give our clients more competitive prices and better service.

Our factory supply all kinds of Quartz Stone, China Granite, Marble Slabs, China Basalt Stone, Bluestone Pavers, Lava Stone, Artificial Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, and all kinds of imported granites and marbles.

Midas Stone is confident of meeting our customers' requirements for all kinds of building stone. We supply big slabs, small slabs, cut to size tiles, paving stone, curbstone, countertops, mosaics, sinks, bathtubs, statues, fountains, steps, and other all kinds of stone products.

We always do our best to supply best quality products with competitive prices for our clients, and do our best to serve every customer well. Our vision is supplying best suitable stone products for every clients all over the world, to be a top China stone supplier!

Expecting to be your best stone supplier in China!

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